Returns and Warranties

Return Instructions

All products must be returned in good condition, in original boxes (whenever possible), and with all accessories to ensure full credit.

Pack the product securely in the original package, if possible.

Enclose the bottom portion of the original packing slip with the product. Be sure to keep the top portion of the packing slip for your records. If you cannot send your packing slip, please include your order number, billing name, and address with the product.

All return shipping charges must be prepaid.

For your protection, we recommend that you use an Insured Parcel Post for your return.

Keep the Return Tracking Number from the package you are returning to ensure that the package is returned to the warehouse.

You can expect a refund in the same form of payment originally used for purchase within 30 days of our receiving your returned product.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Electrical and Electronic equipment that was made after August 13th 2005 should display this symbol on the product:

This symbol means that the product must either be sent to be repaired and reused or sent for treatment and recycling through an approved disposal system.

To meet the requirements of this legislation and to help protect the environment, we are pleased to offer a free of charge recycling service. When you purchase a new item from iRobot, we will ensure that the old item which is being replaced will be treated and recycled properly in accordance with these regulations. All you have to do is on receipt of purchase of the new item, send us the old item and we’ll do the rest. For a small fee, we can arrange to collect the old item from you.

Return Rules and Restrictions

All products must be returned in good condition, in original boxes (whenever possible), and with all accessories to ensure full credit.

You must include the return form of the original packing slip. Be certain to save copies for your records.

We will not accept third party billing for returned merchandise.

In the case of shipping damages, please contact the carrier or our Customer Care Department at 0035 312475428.

You can expect a refund in the same form of payment originally used for purchase within 30 days of our receiving your returned product.

Damaged or Defective Product

If you receive a damaged or defective product, contact a Customer Care Representative within 30 days of delivery at 0035 312475428.

Please supply the Representative with your order number, product number and tracking number from your original confirmation email.

The Representative will also need your email address and phone number.

iRobot will make every reasonable effort to assist you with your return. If you do not contact Customer Care, you are responsible for all return shipping charges.

If there is extensive damage to the carton, contact a Customer Care Representative immediately at 00442088653171. 0035 312475428. Please have your order number available when you contact the Customer Care Representative.


If purchased outside of Germany:


iRobot – Limited Warranty



(1) iRobot UK Ltd., 111 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0SR, United Kingdom (“iRobot”, “We”, “Our” and/or “Us”) provides an optional Limited Warranty for this Product to the extent specified under Section 5, which is subject to the following conditions.

(2) This Limited Warranty grants rights independently and in addition to statutory rights under the laws relating to the sale of consumer products. In particular, the Limited Warranty does not exclude or limit such rights. You are free to choose whether to exercise rights under the Limited Warranty or statutory rights under your applicable jurisdiction’s laws relating to the sale of consumer products. The conditions of this Limited Warranty shall not apply to the statutory rights under the laws relating to the sale of consumer products. Also, this Limited Warranty shall neither exclude nor limit any of your rights against the seller of the Product.



(1) iRobot warrants that (with the exception of the restrictions in Section 5) this Product shall be free of material and processing defects during the period of two (2) years from the date of purchase (the “Warranty Period”). In the event that the Product fails to meet the warranty standard, we will, within a commercially reasonable period of time and free of charge, either repair or replace the Product as described below.

(2) This Limited Warranty is only valid and enforceable in the country where you purchased the Product, provided that said country is on the list of Specified Countries (



(1) If you wish to make a warranty claim, please contact your authorised distributor or dealer, whose contact details can be found at Upon contacting your distributor, please have the serial number of your Product ready and the original proof of purchase from an authorised distributor or dealer, showing the date of purchase and full details of the Product. Our colleagues will advise you of the process involved in making a claim.

(2) We (or our authorised distributor or dealer) must be notified of any alleged defect within a reasonable time of it coming to your attention, and, in any case, you must submit a claim no later than the expiry of the Warranty Period plus an additional period of four (4) weeks.



(1) If we receive your request for a warranty claim within the Warranty Period, as defined in Section 3, Paragraph 2, and the Product is found to have failed under the warranty, we shall, at our discretion:

• repair the Product,

• exchange the Product with a product that is new, or which has been manufactured from new or serviceable used parts and is at least functionally equivalent to the original product, or

• exchange the Product with a product that is a new and upgraded model, and which has at least equivalent or upgraded functionality compared to the original product.

When repairing or replacing the Product, we may use products or parts that are new, equivalent to new or re-conditioned.

(2) Parts repaired or replaced during the Warranty Period will be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period of the Product or for ninety (90) days from the date of repair or replacement, whichever is longer.

(3) Replacement or repaired products, as applicable, will be returned to you as soon as commercially practicable. All parts of the Product or other equipment that we replace shall become our property.



(1) This Limited Warranty does not apply to batteries, accessories or other consumable items, such as filters, brushes, dirt disposal bags, cleaning pads or cleaning solutions.

(2) Unless agreed in writing, the Limited Warranty will not apply if the defect(s) relate to: (a) normal wear and tear, (b) defects caused by rough or inappropriate handling or use, or damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning or other acts of nature, (c) non-compliance with the Product instructions, (d) wilful or deliberate damage, neglect or negligence; (e) use of spare parts, an unauthorised cleaning solution, if applicable, or other replacement items (including consumables) that are not provided or recommended by Us; (f) any alteration or modification to the Product that has been carried out by you or a third party not authorised by us, (g) any failure to adequately package the Product for transportation, (h) extreme or external causes beyond our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, breakdowns, fluctuations or interruptions in electric power, ISP (Internet service provider) service or wireless networks, (i) weak and/or inconsistent wireless signal strength in your home.

(3) This Limited Warranty will be invalid if (a) the Product’s serial number has been removed, erased, defaced, altered or is illegible in any way (as determined at our sole discretion), or (b) you are in breach of the terms of this Limited Warranty or your contract with us.



(1) iRobot grants no warranties, explicitly or implicitly agreed upon, other than the limited warranties stated above.

(2) iRobot is only liable for intent and gross negligence in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions for damages or compensation of expenses.

In any other case that iRobot can be held liable, unless otherwise stated above, iRobot’s liability is limited to only foreseeable and direct damages. In all other cases, iRobot’s liability is excluded, subject to the foregoing provisions.

Any limitation of liability does not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, body or health.



For products purchased in France, the following terms also apply:

Le vendeur livre un bien conforme au contrat et répond des défauts de conformité existant lors de la délivrance.

Il répond également des défauts de conformité résultant de l’emballage, des instructions de montage ou de l’installation lorsque celle-ci a été mise à sa charge par le contrat ou a été réalisée sous sa responsabilité (article L. 217-4 du Code de la Consommation).

Le bien est conforme au contrat:

1 s’il est propre à l’usage habituellement attendu d’un bien semblable et, le cas échéant:

- s’il correspond à la description donnée par le vendeur et possède les qualités que celui-ci a présentées à l’acheteur sous forme d’échantillon ou de modèle;

- s’il présente les qualités qu’un acheteur peut légitimement attendre eu égard aux déclarations publiques faites par le vendeur, par le producteur ou par son représentant, notamment dans la publicité ou l’étiquetage;

2 Ou s’il présente les caractéristiques définies d’un commun accord par les parties ou être propre à tout usage spécial recherché par l’acheteur, porté à la connaissance du vendeur et que ce dernier a accepté (article L. 217-5 du Code de la Consommation).

L’action résultant du défaut de conformité se prescrit par deux ans à compter de la délivrance du bien (article L. 217-12 du Code de la Consommation).

Lorsque l’acheteur demande au vendeur, pendant le cours de la garantie commerciale qui lui a été consentie lors de l’acquisition ou de la réparation d’un bien meuble, une remise en état couverte par la garantie, toute période d’immobilisation d’au moins sept jours vient s’ajouter à la durée de la garantie qui restait à courir. Cette période court à compter de la demande d’intervention de l’acheteur ou de la mise à disposition pour réparation du bien en cause, si cette mise à disposition est postérieure à la demande d’intervention (article L. 217-16 du Code de la Consommation).

Le vendeur est tenu de la garantie à raison des défauts cachés de la chose vendue qui la rendent impropre à l’usage auquel on la destine, ou qui diminuent tellement cet usage que l’acheteur ne l’aurait pas acquise, ou n’en aurait donné qu’un moindre prix, s’il les avait connus (article 1641 du Code Civil).

L’action résultant des vices rédhibitoires doit être intentée par l’acquéreur dans un délai de deux ans à compter de la découverte du vice (article 1648 du Code Civil, alinéa 1er).


For products purchased in Italy, the following terms also apply:

If you are a consumer, in addition to this Limited Warranty, you will be entitled to the statutory warranty granted to consumers under Sections 128 to 135 of the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree No. 206/2005). This Limited Warranty does not affect the statutory warranty in any way. The statutory warranty has a two-year duration, starting from the delivery of this Product, and it may be exercised within two months of the discovery of the relevant defect.


For products purchased in Belgium, the following terms also apply:

If you are a consumer, in addition to this Limited Warranty, you will be entitled to a two-year statutory warranty, pursuant to the provisions on the sale of consumption goods in the Belgian Civil Code. This statutory warranty commences on the date of the delivery of this Product. This Limited Warranty is in addition to, and does not affect, the statutory warranty.


For products purchased in the Netherlands, the following terms also apply:

If you are a consumer, this Limited Warranty is in addition to, and will not affect your rights pursuant to, the provisions on the sale of consumption goods in Book 7, Title 1 of the Dutch Civil Code.