iRobot OS. More thoughtful than you thought.

Based on your habits, home and even the seasons, iRobot OS combines insights and technology to create a personalised cleaning experience—while giving you control, straight from the app.
A Roomba working off a schedule

Your schedule is complicated. Let us take cleaning off of it.

For a curated cleaning experience based on your habits, your home and even the seasons, iRobot OS anticipates your needs by learning your schedule and using unique intelligence to understand where and when your robot is most useful.

A Braava cleaning at night

Designed to clean around you.

iRobot OS powers your robot to work around your ever-changing schedule. You can direct your robot to work when you’re away and avoid certain times of the day, so that you can enjoy a cleaner home without having to see the cleaning.

Using Alexa to communicate with a Roomba

Smart that keeps getting smarter¹.

Your robot constantly learns and updates itself to optimise your home’s cleaning routine—so you don’t have to—thanks to innovations available from iRobot.

A Roomba charging while a dog is active in the house

Connects to your home.² Syncs with your life.

Cleaning that is designed around you is made possible by the unique intelligence and constant improvements available only from iRobot. From analysing your preferences to syncing with other smart devices, iRobot OS brings this vision of a tailored clean to life.

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  1. For s, j, i7, and m series Roomba® robot vacuums and Braava® robot mops only. 
  2. Works with Google Home and Alexa-enabled devices. Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of or its affiliates. Google is a trademark of Google LLC.